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Wix free or third party apps are recommendations and can not be guaranteed. We try to choose apps with a good star rating for functionality but they all have their limits and support will be handled through the respective application builder.

Page Content

We will coordinate and upload the content for your website pages. This will be limited to the number of pages agreed in the proposal. You will know more about your business than us so please provide us with as much information about your business in the Onboarding Questionnaire as you can.


Website Pages

Your website package comes with a page limit, however, additional website pages can be added by you after the web design phase. You will be responsible for writing, uploading and designing the content on your website through the Wix Dashboard.


Please provide us with good quality images and as high resolution as possible for feature images. Wix provide a selection of free images and we will try to source a hero image for free. Alternatively you can purchase suitable images from several online royalty-free sites.

Web Design Customisation

During the web design phase, we customise the design of your website to align with your brand. Please be aware that there are limitations to the amount and extent of customisation that we can do with your website package at this fixed price point. It is impossible to detail the exact design and development customisation parameters of your package and in almost all cases this isn’t an issue, but we do ask you to be aware that there are limits to the customisation of your website design.


Your Ecommerce Package will be set up with 6 products. You will be able to add the rest of your range in the Wix Dashboard. You can also choose one preferred payment method to be set up.

Website Revisions

You will have three revision rounds to work with the web designer and ensure that you are happy with your website.

Initial Website Concepts Delivered In 14 days

When we receive your Onboarding Questionnaire, we will suggest a Wix template and aim to have the first set of feedback within 14 days, but usually earlier.

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